Navigating Through The Chaos of divorce

      On this episode my guest Dr. Collen Mullen marriage and family therapist. Dr. Mullen is also the host of Coaching Through Chaos where she talks about all kind of divorce and relationship issue. In this episode, me and Dr. Mullen have a conversation about navigating through a divorce. Also, Dr. Mullen also has a Facebook… Read More »

Power Of Positive Attitude And Commitment To Help With The Challenges Of Divorce and Blended Families

        Today on the podcast my conversation with tom Schwab the founder of interview valet a concierge level booking service and author. Tom most important job is being good dad and husband. We talk about positive perspective about divorce and blended families.        Links: Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via Apple Podcast Click… Read More »

Showing Up As Parent and Be In The Moment With Your children.

          Today on the podcast my Guest Christina Fletcher from We talk about being in the moments as parents. I really enjoy the different way of thinking about parenting and I  really enjoyed the interview. Also, talk about the power of positivity, and the importance of self-care. There nothing wrong to have some time to work on your self and… Read More »