Sept. 16, 2020

looking for the possible in the impossible

Surviving life obstacle and keep moving forward.





   Today on the podcast my guest Lady J.   Lady J is a mother, Author, Youth/Family Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation & Business Coach, Media Personality, Serial Entrepreneur, and Community Leader. Lady J is someone who overcame the impossible to make it possible. she had to overcome molestation, domestic violence, rape, abandonment, divorce, homelessness, multiple suicide attempts, addiction, depression, a fatal brain aneurysm. she overcame a lot of things that life threw at her and succeed in doing it

Here a list of all things that ladyj does and mother of four kids. This woman gets things done!

  • Out of the box family mentoring program
  • Author of book series life support.
  • Founder of a nonprofit  No Limits Ministry inc
  • Founder and CEO of Ego Entertainment
  • last 10 she works with the  homeless  in Indianapolis In






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