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No sitting on the sideline dad


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I was fortunate to be a guest on this show this time last year. It was a great experience. Joe is a kind and gracious host, who asks all the right questions. I highly recommend this show for anyone who is seeking inspiration and self-improvement, especially in the area of parenting. Go Joe!

So Real and Helpful tools for parents !

I enjoyed this show and loved the authenticity and how Joe conducted all the interviews to bring value to us. Thank you!!!

Highly recommended for any parent

Great show for parenting. The topics are particularly on point.

Great show!

Great show for parents! Joe and his guests always share helpful advice and stories.

Great Show

I love Joe's passion and committment to be a great Dad. Joe and his guests have inspiring conversations sure to encourage listeners to get off the 'sidelines' and be present.


Joe’s genuine care and concern shines in this podcast. He brings to light issues for all parents, and has on incredible guests with keen insights.

Wonderful show!

Joe is a really genuine and relatable host. He covers great topics that would be valuable to any dad or parent and his guests share incredible insight.

Consistently Improving

Keep going Champion!

A great dad!

Joe is really concerned about being a great dad. A great single dad too. That must be something difficult to deal with on a day to day basis. In this podcast Joe shares with us his experience in a very raw way. Yet it’s still enjoyable listening. I listen in the car, work and just recently on the treadmill. Great job Joe! I’m looking forward to more.

Great job Joe!

Listened to my first of your shows. Very good info and dialogue! Keep it up!

Genuine, Passionate Podcast

Joe brings authenticity every time he turns on the mic. He does not hide behind a false front of parenting or podcasting. He is honest in his approach, vulnerable and inspiring. -Anthony

Thanks Joe

Joe does an amazing job of sharing his heart and bringing great information to the many parents who need that little bit of encouragement to create the life they desire for their family. Well done Joe!

I like where he is going with this

Joe is doing a great job of bringing in interesting people to interview and as a fellow Father of a young child I find the topic right in my wheelhouse.