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Youth/Family Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation & Business Coach, Media Personality, Serial Entrepreneur, and Com

About Lady J
I'm possible. You're possible. We're all possible.

Lady J is an Author, Youth/Family Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation & Business Coach, Media Personality, Serial Entrepreneur, and Community Servant Leader. She has degrees in Business Management and Psychology; is a Certified Tailor, Certified PSA, and is working towards a doctorate in Family Counseling.

She is the definition of what it means to "bounce back" after multiple traumas and overcoming life's hardships that seem impossible. She has overcome many traumas and challenges that include but are not limited to: molestation, domestic violence, rape, abandonment, divorce, homelessness, multiple suicide attempts, addiction, depression, fatal brain aneurysm, and much more. Yes, she has overcome it all!

After rebuilding her life emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually, she began working on her purpose and created a successful "Out the Box" youth and family mentoring program as a result of her popular book series; Life Support. Her story and life experiences in combination with her education, has given her a powerful and unique set of tools to help others conquer the impossible to become possible and successful in all they do. This has led her to be a successful and dynamic speaker as she incorporates LIVE demonstrations and activities for the audience no matter the topic.

She is the founder of a nonprofit, NO LIMITS MINISTRY INC., owner of a credit consulting company, NO LIMITS CREDIT CONSULTING GROUP, Published author of 3 books, Owner/CEO of E.G.O. Entertainment Network, and Owner/CEO of Life Support Company LLC (out the box group mentoring program).

She has served the downtown Indianapolis, IN homeless community for the last 10 years as well as families in need. She has been the keynote speaker at numerous events, schools, and panel discussions to hundreds and mentored many women, youth and families over the last 10 years and continues to do so. She has previously held on-site sessions at facilities such as but not limited to; Job Corps (Midwest Region), Marion County Juvenile Detention Center, Community Action Center of the Far East side and more. She has been a guest on a number of radio and television shows, won community and other recognition awards, been featured on WTHR channel 13 News for her work with the homeless community, conducted numerous celebrity interviews, coordinated and provided media services for some of the largest events in Indianapolis, IN, has provided business coaching and services to over 40 clients, and has created a successful multi-media network for upcoming producers, hosts, artists, and more.

"It is my purpose in life to commit myself to making a difference in the lives of others by giving of my time, resources, and talents to help anyone in need while sharing my story and tools to succeed. It is also my passion and purpose to use my life experience, education and wisdom to be the LIFE SUPPORT for those who want to overcome life's challenges, rebuild their lives and live without limits."

looking for the possible in the impossible

Sept. 16, 2020

Surviving life obstacle and keep moving forward.

Guest: Lady J