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May 10, 2018

Authenticity Being Present and Engaging. Lessons Learn from Mister Rogers

No Sitting on the sideline Dad podcast episode 51

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   On this week episode of the podcast my conversation with Benjamin Wagner. We talk about what it was like being Mister Rogers neighbor. Also, learning from someone who truly understood how to truly be present.   Mister Rogers truly made an impact on many people including Benjamin and his brother Chris. Mister Rogers was a truly great person to inspire to be.



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Benjamin WagnerProfile Photo

Benjamin Wagner

Consultant , Author, Speaker, Filmmaker , Musician

Benjamin Wagner collects, develops and shares stories and strategies about transformation.

As a consultant and coach, author and speaker, filmmaker and musician, he leverages his thirty years of experience to help people and businesses transform themselves, and cultivate culture and community through storytelling.

From his half-decade helping launch Facebook’s Journalism Project globally, to his tenure transforming MTV News, to his award-winning PBS documentary, “Mister Rogers & Me,” Benjamin's focus is the essential nature of our shared human experience.

He has designed immersive, in-person and virtual live events around the globe, including Facebook’s F8, News Days and Executive Summits, and led on-location editorial initiatives for Elections, Oscar, Grammy and Video Music Awards.

Benjamin helped launch Facebook Media Central (the company’s first media partner center), Facebook Live and Paid Online Events.

He graduated with dual degrees in Journalism and Creative Writing from Syracuse University, and was a Fellow of the Sulzberger Leadership Program at Columbia University.