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April 4, 2017

Parenting in the Digital Age. Interview with Dr Adam Pletter from Iparent101.com

No Sitting On The Sideline Dad podcast Episode 18

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Become a Savvy Digital Parent      Today on the podcast my guest Dr Adam Pletter from iparent101.com. We talk about parenting in the digital world. This can be challenging for parent because we did not grow up with technology. Things change so fast. Kids' access to social media brings a lot more problem with apps and cyber bullying. Dr Pletter talks about some of those things . If you like more information about   digital parenting check out iparent101.com. Dr Pletter has great information and e- course to help parents to understand and be more proactive in keeping kids safe in this digital world.   Links: common sense media iparent101.com iparent101.com contact: Dr. Adam Pletter

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