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June 28, 2017

Can Food Change Your Mood? Interview with Rachel Kelly

No sitting on the sideline dad podcast episode 25

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          Today on the Podcast my guest is Rachel Kelly from rachel-kelly.net. Rachel Kelly is a mental health advocate, public speaker, writer, and former a journalist.She wrote books covering the topic of depression. Her new book called The happy kitchen. In the book, Rachell talks about different types of food to improve your mood.Each chapter is broken down the different topic. Chapter one is balanced energy. I really like how its broken down. Example: recipes, essential foods, and meal planner. Ther chapter beating the blues, sweet dreams.

Rachel was diagnosed in her early thirties with severe depression and suffered two really serious depressive episodes. The two real tough episode of depression became the turning point in her life. Rachel has written in her books about her condition and how she recovered. Her books have been read by thousand of reader Rachel books: 1.Black Rainbow(Sunday times best seller 2014) 2.Walking on Sunshine: 52 small steps to Happiness( International best seller) 3.Rachel latest book ( "The Happy Kitchen: good mood food) The book was published in January 2017. It will available in the USA in September 2017.   Rachel talks about Her experience of depression and recovery. What Rachel is trying to educate and break the stigma of mental illness. She also runs for mental health workshop for mental health charities. Rachel mentions one of the charities was working with the prisoner at the local prison conducting a workshop.  

Rachel is an official ambassador for:

1.Rethink Mental Illness

2.Young Minds

3.Sane and The Counselling  




  1. rachel-kelly.net
  2. rachel-kelly.net contact
  3. Rachel- Kelly workshops
  4. www.unitedresponse.org.uk
  5. www.rethink.org
  6. www.sane.org.uk

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