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Sept. 14, 2021

Does Co-parenting Have to Be Combative?

Put you difference aside to work together for the best interest of the children

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Today on the podcast my Teresa Harlow Author of the book Combative to Collaborative The Co-parenting code. We talk about the issue that come up in Co-parenting. Divorces is not easy and sometimes it can be very traumatic. Both parents can make decision to work together in the best interest of the the children. Parenting still needs to be done after the marriage has end. Teresa book there is lot of help advice and tips to make co-parenting easier. 


If you listen to this podcast interview before Sept. 15,2021 check out her virtual book launch. There will be panel discussion about co-parenting and book signing and other interesting stuff. Check out the virtual book launch on 9/15/2021




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