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Robert Miller

Musician, podcaster

Robert Miller was a part time musician for most of his life
who dreamed of playing music full time and becoming a rock
star. But life intruded – family, kids, work – and as he got
older he found his dream was slipping away. Finally, however,
when he was in his 60s and his life was more settled, he
decided it was now or never. He quit everything and jumped
into music full time, a field dominated by much younger
artists, started a band (Project Grand Slam), began writing,
recording and performing his music, worked his way up from
opening act to headliner, and in the process achieved his
dream. His success is totally against the grain of the industry
but shows that anything is possible.

Take Your Shot and Live The dream

March 14, 2021

Everything in life is not direct path with Robert Miller From Project grand slam

Guest: Robert Miller