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Sept. 3, 2021

Our Mistake Do Not Define Who We Are

Its about overcoming that negative self talk and building self- confidence with Breanne Smedley

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Today on the No Sitting on The Sideline Dad Podcast it’s all about developing positive self talk and over coming negative self talk. Also, building confidence in our kids with my guest Breanne Smedley. Breanne is a  female athlete confidence coach and one of the host of the Podcast of the The Elite Competitor Podcast for Moms And Coaches.



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Breanne SmedleyProfile Photo

Breanne Smedley

Confidence Coach for Female Athletes

Breanne is a certified female athlete Confidence Coach who works
to empower and enable female athletes to cultivate true confidence,
unlock their potential, and level up their performance across all aspects
of their lives. She has a true passion for empowering and enabling
female athletes (and their parents!) with the mental aspect of their
sport, the missing key to confident and elite performance. Her areas of
expertise include: goal setting, affirmations & visualization, crushing
limiting beliefs, shifting self-talk, overcoming mistakes, performing
under pressure, letting go of perfectionism, managing stress, and
becoming more resilient.
As a former collegiate volleyball player and long-time coach, Breanne
has experienced first hand the unique struggles that female athletes
face on the court and in life. Which is why she and her sister in-law
founded The Elite Competitor where they provide courses, programs,
and community to help female athletes step into their power and thrive
in their sport and in life.