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Dec. 1, 2016

The power of connection from watching Amazon Commercial ,and Trains

No sitting on the sideline Dad Podcast Episode#8

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Today episode  we talk about the power of connection. During the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend here in the U.S. I was watching two thing during the holiday weekend that really brought foward how important Human connection important. especially during the holiday season.


The Amazon commercial with Episcopal priest and Muslim clergy. The commercial was for Amazon prime. Amazon really hit out of the park when it comes to this topic. Two people can put difference aside and find common to be friends.

New Amazon Prime Commercial 2016 – A Priest and Imam meet for a cup of tea.

Old friends meet for cup tea and share the same problems.


Tokyo's stationmaster Video


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This quote fits in what we are talking about on the podcast.

" We can learn to see each other and see our selves in each other and recognize that human beings are more alike than we are unalike" Maya Angelou Quote



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