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Sept. 7, 2017

There No One Way to be A Parent. Interview With kori Reed and Mike Becker from ZagZig Parenting

No Sitting On The Sideline Dad Podcast Episode#31

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  ZagZig Parenting book  Today on the No sitting on the sideline Dad Podcast. My guest Mike Becker and Kori Reed authors of the book ZagZig Parenting. I love what they say on the front cover right below the title " (Mis) Adventure of Career Driven Mom and a Stay-at-Home Dad" that some up their adventures of being parents. The book is broken up into stories about their journey as parents, career driven mom and stay at home dad. There were a lot of stories that very funny and relatable.  They were fun people to interview and I learned a lot from them. Links: Reed Imagine LLC About Kori and Mike ZagZig Parenting Pay it forward [eafl id="1172" name="ZagZig Parenting Audiobook" text="ZagZig Parenting Audiobook"]  

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