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Jan. 25, 2021

Top Five Motivators That Make People Take Action.

Lesson Learned from former Hollywood stuntman and Dad Steve Mc Chesney

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Today on the podcast my interview with Steve Mc Chesney  author of the  book  Rearranging  Change : How You market to an Ever Changing World. Steve is father of 3 daughter.  Steve is also Vietnam Vet. He also  done many different thing in his life from being dad, professional hypnotist, Author, speaker, motivator, and Hollywood stuntman. In the interview I ask him if he every used hypnosis on his daughter  to do their chores.  I thought would be a fun way to get his kids to do what there ask to do. Steve share life in Hollywood and how he snuck  in to the movie studio next to his school.  I had really enjoy they conversation with Steve and all his stories.



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Steve McChesneyProfile Photo

Steve McChesney

International Best Selling Author – Professional Speaker – Trainer – Entrepreneur

the early years I was a stuntman and actor. I’ve appeared in over 350 motion pictures and television shows.

I have produced and directed many shows including: Michael Winslow’s Comedy Cruise (Video), Michael Winslow Live (Motion Picture), Internal Power Self Defense (Four-video series), Up Late with Murray Langston (Pilot), Rock and Roll Legends (Pilot), The Bill DeMott Experience (six episodes)
Professional History

Trainer: SkillPath/National Seminars – Copywriting, Business Writing – 2015 – Present

Imagimarketing, Inc. Orlando, Florida – President/Owner 2004 – Present

Professional Hypnotist – 2010 – 2014

Walking Tours, Inc. (App Development) President/Owner 2015 – Present

Show Host – Live Cooking Shows – 2004-2017