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July 25, 2021

We all Have a little emotional monkey inside who sometimes acts like a big Ape

Its all about emotional intelligences with the EQ Gangster Noble Gibbens

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Today on the podcast my interview Noble Gibbens former West Point Grad, Army ranger, veteran. Also, Business coach, entrepreneur, certified emotional intelligence practitioner , podcaster, home school Dad and father and husband. It’s funny when you’re looking at him with all his tattoos and beard. You seem to wonder what does he know about emotional Intelligence. We all have emotional origin stories. We also talk about deal with people who have no boundaries. This is a longer episode, but our conversation was really good and helpful.
Also, my little disclaimer about anyone who is deal with depression and emotional trauma please seek professional help.  If you need help seek out its important !!!  Nobble is a certified emotional intelligence practitioner in Eq ( emotional intelligence)  and  we have a great conversation and Nobles share lot of good information about EQ and being a parent







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Noble GibbensProfile Photo

Noble Gibbens

Corporate EQ Coach & Podcaster

Noble is the person you'd least expect to be talking about feelings & emotions! An uncharacteristic fight with his wife a few years ago revealed a glaring issue: he was clueless when it came to handling his emotions.
This West Point grad and former Infantry Officer in the US Army is now an EQ Practitioner and teaches Emotional Intelligence on his five-star rated podcast, EQ for Entrepreneurs.
Don't let the big beard & tattoos fool you - Noble is pure positive energy & passion! He brings 23 years' experience as an entrepreneur and international keynote speaker to help corporate clients, entrepreneurs, leaders & influencers get their emotions working for them, not against them.