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Nov. 17, 2016

Your dreams are possible. Live Life with purpose. Interview with Author John Alan Powell

No sitting on the sideline Dad podcast Episode#6

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On This episode i have interview with Author motavaional speaker John Alan Powell. We talk about his  life struggle and over coming the real tough time in his life.

I guess the one that sums its up for is the qoute that I found in the book.


" The two most important days are

  the day you were born,

and the day you find out why"


Mark Tawin


When reading johns book it make you think about your purposes and your story in Life . John Powell is truly authntic person and it was fun and informative podcast to do. I really learn lot about my self from this book. I know as dad and a Parent we lose focuse and forget about are dream.








   Amazon link for the book

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